Darak Beach as a natural attraction of Sistan baluchestan


Darak Beach

Darak Beach as a natural attraction in Chabahar of Sistan baluchestan. Darak Beach in Chabahar as Tourist Attraction. The most exciting point of the world. Darak Beach When the sea meets the desert. Imagine walking on the sandy beaches and filling your ears with short and long waves, and the sea breeze breathes your face, when you suddenly feel the softness of the sand on your feet, and when you look up, you see the palm trees and deserts. Watch several times puzzling, behind you and your head to make sure you stand at the most exciting spot in the world; the intersection of the sea and the desert. Darak beach the Unparalleled paradoxe that have recently been discovered in Iran and attracted many tourists with its unique magic.



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Darak Beach is when the Sea meets the Desert

The red sunset of Darak Beach is not like anywhere else behind its palm trees. The sunshine sits in the west of the Gulf of Oman, and its narrow slopes between the beaches and the sea make frames that the very best of the images can attract the viewer.

If you stand between sand dunes and do not have the mental imagination of the Oman Sea, it's likely to be amongst one of the country's most famous deserts, but you just have to climb the sand and climb up the slopes. The image of the desert and the sea are interconnected, creating a beautiful and beautiful landscape that can be seated for hours.

The experience of traveling to the Darak, this beautiful, pristine and dreamy area is not like anywhere else, and every natural lover should touch this hidden paradise in the desert, at least once.

Address of Darak Beach

Tourists can travel to the Darak Beach,this pristine area through ground and air, bypassing the city of Chabahar (Konarak airport), passing 135 kilometers and passing through the hills to Zarabad to the village will be understood.

Visitors traveling from Hormuzgan to Chabahar will travel to this beautiful beach village, 160 km from Jask to Zarabad.

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